Cafe and Restaurant

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Welcome to our charming café at Sea View Farm Shop!

Step into a world where every cup of coffee and every bite of cake tell a story of passion and flavor. Our café is a haven of relaxation, where you can indulge in rich, aromatic 100% pure Arabica Bean coffee and savor the freshest, homemade cakes that are baked with love every morning.

At Sea View Farm Café, we offer more than just delicious food; we provide an experience. Our café boasts breathtaking sea views and clean Cornish air. Whether you're here for our renowned 'Sea View Breakfast' or for our hearty, home-cooked lunches that warm your soul, every meal is made using quality ingredients, many from our own farm, which ensures that every dish is packed with Cornish flavors.

Our peaceful, dog-free café is the perfect spot to unwind with friends and family and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.