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The Perfect Gift

Gift Vouchers or Tickets to Summer Events would make a perfect gift for everyone to enjoy together, this year you can get electronic vouchers and tickets on line or a proper hand writen card ones from in the shop

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Sea View Farm - Promotional Video

  • Sea View Farm Shop

    St Teath



    PL30 3LR

  • Booking advice

    No need to book for Breakfast or lunch, just walk in! Service is as long as it takes to cook a quality meal, during busy periods you can usually expect your food in no longer than 20 - 30 mins from ordering

    Cash, card, silver and cattle accepted for payment

    No dogs, unfortunatly due to high volumes of dog related issues, we no longer accept dogs inside or outside including all of our fields, please leave them at home and enjoy a relaxing and peacefull coffee or lunch with your friends